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Short-term counselling and psychotherapy in Kingston upon Thames, south west London - Danielle Coleman, BA Hons, PGDip (wpf), MBACP

Struggling with issues at work or at home?
Want space and time to focus on yourself?
Are you a carer looking for clarity in facing the challenges of caring for others?

Welcome. I am an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist offering focused, short-term counselling at my welcoming consulting rooms in Kingston upon Thames, in south west London. I work with adults of all ages, cultural backgrounds, genders (including transgender) and sexual orientations. I firmly believe that therapy with someone who will really listen to you, and who will be non-judgmental, warm and practical, can be a life-changing experience.

I have found the counselling process to be really helpful. Initially this was for dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, leading to problems relaxing and sleeping. Then I had a very difficult time when I lost my job and therapy helped me to manage my response and to think things through calmly - D, male client in Kingston.

In the past, I have lived in different countries and within different cultures, and I see this as an asset in the way I approach those seeking help: I always strive to be sensitive to people’s unique backgrounds.

What's the problem?
Perhaps you have have been struggling for years with difficult relationships in your family, or maybe something has happened just recently at work or at home that is challenging. Some clients I see are seeking to get a better understanding of relationship issues, infidelities, affairs and their aftermath. Maybe you are caring for a parent, partner or child, and want to make sense of your situation. For more about help for carers, see my article 'How to survive being a carer' on the Counselling Directory website.

Others I help suffer from a terminal illness, and want psychological support in dealing with this. Again, I have helped people struggling to cope with dynamics at work, bereavement or a relationship break-up.

Sometimes it's not even possible to put your finger on what's wrong - you just feel flat and down.

I would like to thank you, the sessions have been extremely helpful in working through my issues and better understanding of who I am and why, and I feel in a much better place now and am dealing with the issues rather than procrastinating. - SB, male client from central London.

Many people think for quite a while about seeking professional help. I know that it can feel quite daunting to take that first step and contact a counsellor: I would like to make the process as easy as I can for you. My first priority as a therapist is to build a warm therapeutic relationship with you, based on mutual trust. It's important that you feel I am the right person to be your therapist. The first foundation stone of counselling is experiencing a real connection with your counsellor, and sensing they are really listening to you and doing their best to understand you, rather than imposing some one-size-fits-all theory or framework. An article in the Huffington Post gives some good tips for questions to ask your therapist initially.

To help make it as easy as possible for you to see what therapy would be like, I offer an initial consultation at a low rate. Take that first step today, and pay £30 for an hour's initial session. See FAQs for more details. Call and leave me a message on 0208 819 3109 (this number is not manned, but I check the messages very frequently and always get back to you as soon as I can). If you prefer, you can email me on

I work only in south west London, offering counselling in Kingston upon Thames, and I am committed to providing counselling and psychodynamic psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment. I specialise in short term counselling, from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 6 months. Together, we will decide on an area of focus and a period of time in which to develop insight, and strategies for dealing with it. Our sessions together will aim to give you an understanding of the roots of your difficulties and help you make the changes you want to.

I offer sessions between with a start time between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. I currently have availability in my Kingston consulting room on Mondays at 2pm and 3pm. At the moment, I don't have any evening or weekend slots available.

The form of counselling I practise is psychodynamic psychotherapy. This involves a very intense and personal listening process. Through reflecting back what you say and pointing out relationships between your past and your present, I will help you to explore and make sense of your thoughts and feelings. Very often the roots of current problems prove to lie in family relationships and personal events in the past, and looking closely at these can be key in the counselling process.

As a counsellor and therapist, I am experienced in helping clients having difficulties with:
  • being a carer
  • stress
  • low self-esteem
  • relationships
  • affairs
  • panic attacks
  • phobias
  • bullying
  • anxiety
  • difficulties with parents
  • sexual abuse
  • bereavement
  • having a terminal illness
  • redundancy
  • anger issues
  • depression, and
  • addiction.

    See my entry on the Find a Therapy website.

    Areas of expertise
    I have worked successfully over the long term with clients struggling with bullying, self-confidence, identity issues and dealing with the fall-out from difficult childhoods. I have worked in the NHS providing help to people caring for relatives and others close to them, as a short term counsellor. I also specialise in offering psychodynamic psychotherapy to people with a terminal illness.

    My therapy practice is just 5 minutes' walk from Kingston station. For directions, see Location .

    Seeing me for an initial consultation should be a helpful and informative experience. It does not commit you to anything, but I hope will give you a taste of what therapy is about, and my own personal approach. For more information on affordable counselling in Kingston upon Thames, please click here

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